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New member to fiverr - need guidance for working

Hi everyone, i am new to this platform so need a kind of guidance that can get and sell my services?


I would suggest you to search for these topics. As there are several posts on guidance for sellers. I also suggest you to read fiver tips and all. Good luck



I’ve been on Fiverr for a couple of years but only recently started getting traction. Some advice I would give if you want to get faster results is trying to not make something too niché, for example, my first gig was “I will make your video look like Garyvee’s”, which is an obvious and thin niché, however, it had taken around 6-7 months to even receive a click-through and sale. If you do have a niché gig, in theory, it may lead to more repeat work (depending on the gig), which is what I have found. This requires patience, however.

If you’re a new seller, don’t go trying to sell services for hundreds of dollars just yet, I have found the best way to get sales and more repeat buyers are by undercharging and over-delivering. This, you can slowly change as you scale your business, however, while you are a “No Level” seller, I have found that this is the best way to build a reputation and become “Level One” (more on the levels system here)

That’s all the advice I have time to write for now, and I am sure there may be other sellers who are more experienced/have had a different experience and would disagree with what I have said but in learning things it is always good to see all opinions on a certain matter.



Thank you for your advice…

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thank you sir…you explanined very well with your experience…thanks a lott…

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