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New member - translator

Hello everyone!

I have decided to join Fiverr and use my skills but I feel really low thinking about how I might not even get one gig. Any tips for me?

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Just type “how to get orders” in the search bar above and read through the results.

The search bar is your friend!

Also check out: for hundreds of tips on how to get orders.

You will find all the tips you need in the above. Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you very much!

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Welcome! I’m also a new translator on fiverr! Maybe we could sjare experiences? I have just completed my first order, but I dont have any more waiting for me. Buyer said he might need more work done, but "only " recieved a 4 star rating from him in “service as described” but no comment about what was “missing” but I hope he will come back. I’ve shared my gig on linkedin not sure it that helps, and to increase my income I also transcribe but it takes so much longer than translating and pays less

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It would be better to show an example of translation rather than a screenshot of Rukia. It’s cute, but not professional. Something better would be:

(^ Google, so apologies if wrong.) If you want to use a scene from an anime or manga, show a side-by-side of an actual translation.

Consider taking the Fiverr Skills Test from your profile for English and the one for translating. It’ll give you credibility if anyone checks.

Your gig descriptions need to clearly differentiate what perks are part of which package. (If a buyer is confused and there are other options, they’re more likely go to those other options, rather than take the time to puzzle out what you’re offering.)(The first sentence in every gig should echo its title, to reaffirm what you’re offering to do.)

One thing that confuses me is that you’re offering your translation ‘per word’. Japanese is crazy concise in ‘characters’ while audio is sometimes the opposite. It might be better to offer one gig to translate text and a separate gig for audio translations. (Hiragana are NOT equivalent to the English alphabet, so it might be a good idea to clarify what you mean by ‘words’ in a FAQ.)

Have you perchance watched the “Let’s Mosey: A Slow Translation Of Final Fantasy VII” short-series on YouTube?

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Use buyer requests, and stay patient! It may take a while to get gigs but don’t give up

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Thank you so much for the detailed reply and suggestions and sorry for the late reply!

  • I will change the gig photo, it was very randomly chosen because I just couldn’t think what should be shown for a translator gig.
  • Tests are a great idea as you said, will give them a shot.
  • I still am figuring out how to make different packages, it’s kinda tricky for me to wrap around my head considering what I am trying to offer here. I will rethink on that.
  • I will find a better way to charge translation since as you mentioned, Japanese is better off measured in characters than words. I also went through the video you mentioned. It was a discussion based on “direct translation” vs “liberal translation” and also how the letters between the languages vary. Thank you for recommending that.

I am slowly getting into Fiverr and learning it so I will probably take time since I have a day job as of now. But by the time I get into it completely, I will make sure all of your points are taken care of.
Thank you so much again for your time and help! :hugs:

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Much better image, but could still benefit by being translated in the same picture.

For more resources, see (RRD) at the end of this post.