New Menu on dashboard


So today it appears a new dashboard look went into effect.

Missing is the inbox link.

To get here now you have to use the message menu, then on the dropdown choose inbox and then at the bottom click see all inbox. So now it’s 3 clicks vs one the old way.

Notifications is also in that menu, but so far it is still shown on the list with todo’s as a tab.

Personally, I don’t like it.

What do you think?


This is the most inconvenient feature they have implemented on the dashboard - combining Inbox and Notifications. It is awkward to work with, and very annoying. I’m thinking the “feature” wasn’t set up by someone who actually uses this resource. I have had this version for a while, and I don’t like it at all!


Isn’t this like a very old update? it’s been this way for almost 6 months for me.


All I’m seeing is the to-do list having less width than before. Too compact now for my taste. :thinking: Any way to increase it’s size back to normal?


Nope, it sucks but no.


Just got it today. 6 months ago, it moved to main menu bar.


I joined in July and it has always been that way for me. :thinking:


Wonder if it is a country thing on how it rolled out.


This is old, I’ve been seeing this for several months now.

It doesn’t bother me!


It started yesterday for me. Before that they had move inbox to the lower menu bar like it is on the other pages.