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New message alert showing late

This morning I did what I usually do. I logged in into Fiverr to see if I had new messages. It showed me I had none, so I got up made myself a coffee and came back to have a look at buyer requests. There was nothing interesting, so I refreshed the page to see if other requests would pop up. Upon refreshing the page I noticed that the new message alert ( small red dot next to the messages tab) had appeared. I go have a look, and it tells me the message was sent to me 2 hours ago.

In this case, it did not impact my response time, because it was not the first message that buyer was sending me and the buyer is rather understanding. But it could be troublesome in other cases. Had I close the page and started working instead of refreshing it, I would never had known I had a new message and the buyer would have waited way longer for a response.

Maybe I’m the only one who have experienced this, I don’t know. I’ve learned from this and will refresh the page often just in case it happens again, but I thought it would be good to report it. Even if it’s just to warn other sellers about it, so they can avoid any trouble.