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Dear Fiverr.

There are lots of good things we got in fiverr. But i found 2 issues which can be fixed easily to make our messaging communication perfectly.

When someone send message we got notification. But when we click on that notification it goes to that message screen or order screen.

Please link that notification message properly so that if we click on that it goes to that specific message, its really hard to scroll down on bottom every time we got message notification.

Thanks in advance.

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is it really that hard to scroll down a couple of messages? takes one second to do so (even less) :woman_shrugging:


just imagine, when you are in a order page, you are continuously sending receiving message, when you get one more message and got a notification on right side, when you click on that, it goes to top portion, then you have to scroll it to down every time, its really hard.,

I can exactly relate with you @tanjinajahan, in a long conversation whenever you are trying to fetch some information from previous messages and the buyer constantly keeps on sending messages you are scrolled down. It’s annoying at peak times when you have many orders and simultaneous messages from the buyers.