New messages/orders are not showing in "ToDo"


I’ve been seeing a few problems going on today. I got an email about someone purchasing a gig, but I never got the email letting me know that they have submitted their information in order for me to get started. I also got am email about a new message but didn’t see anything in my “ToDo” list. So I clicked on the bubble button and then I see that I have a new active order and also a new message. Both of which are not showing on my “ToDo” list.

I also completed a gig, and it’s still showing that it needs to be delivered. However, when I go to the gig, it shows that it’s done.


Well… looks like everything is fixed :)>-


Same here fellow Seller,

I’ve reported these issues already, and still waiting for the Support Team’s responds. I am also having issue about DELIVERING COMPLETED order.


Almost everyone faced it starting Yesterday. I had support sort it out yesterday. Since then i’ve got no new leads. Something appears to be wrong.


Reply to @kjblynx: I’m not sure about that but support told me that the problem is known and has been reported before. I had to open 3 tickets and now everything is stable. The problem first appeared this monday.


Had the same thing with messages today…


Reply to @kjblynx: Well Initially it was one. Fixed --> then Again the Problem surfaced. Fixed --> then again the problem Surfaced.