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New Messaging System Bug?

At some point, Fiverr is really going to have to consider hiring an exterminator. The number of bugs (and potentially serious bugs) is getting out of hand.

Over this weekend, i negotiated a $250 order with a regular client. For the sake of the order, I advised them to start with a $70 order. If they were happy with the work, I would then send a follow-up custom order for the remaining amount.

Having just delivered, I received a notification that the seller had left a tip, followed by a message to go ahead and send a custom offer for the remaining amount of work. As I went to do this, though, it seems that this sellers notification and message are nowhere to be found aside from in my email inbox (with regard to the notifications Fiverr sends out).

So, where have my messages and notifications from this buyer disappeared to on Fiverr itself? And will I now get penalized for sending what looks like an unsolicited custom offer?

Also, I seem to be now just finding new messages in my inbox which I don’t get alerted to at all.


uh oh! Only thing I can say is that my notifications drop-down seems to re-arrange itself multiple times a day. it’s rarely in chronological order… not really sure how it really works, or if it ever did.

Fiverr features are like squirrels to the dev team. instead of sticking with one feature and perfecting it, its far more interesting to work on a new one.


^^^ explains everything!

p.s. don’t make too much fun of the dev team, they are in charge of all the bugs!


Another bug? :hushed: :grimacing:

I think it’s time for the exterminator man to clean up this mess like asap.