New metadata for Articles & Blog Posts


We’re excited to announce that we’ve added all new metadata to Articles & Blog Posts! This means sellers will have a better opportunity to catch buyers’ attention, and in turn, buyers will have a better, more relevant browsing experience. If you have Gigs in Articles & Blog Posts, please update your Gigs ASAP to ensure the most relevant and accurate metadata is selected.

Here’s the new metadata:

  • Article Topic: select your industry or subject-matter expertise
  • Tone
    • Conversational
    • Professional/formal
    • Humorous
    • Opinionated
  • Article Type
    • News story
    • First-person narrative
    • Instructional/how-to
    • Listicle

We’re really excited about these changes and hope that, with your feedback, we can update metadata across even more categories in the future.

So go ahead, update your Gig today!

New metadata for articles and blog posts category?


Much appreciated! Thank you :slight_smile: This will be so much better.


I buy tons of article/blog gigs here and I don’t understand what this is or how it will benefit the buyers.

Is there a blog or podcast somewhere on 5r that explains this in greater detail?

Thank you


Basically you as a buyer have 2 more options to filter search results.
Personally I don’t see much value in this either, but I guess each buyer has their own way of searching for gigs.

Maybe if they added a type such as web content I’d use it, but right now it’s like eh :unamused:



I hate it when people fix flat tires that aren’t flat.


Same here.

Yup! … And it’s called a favorite sellers list for blog/article writers. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, as it stands, when you select Writing>Articles&Blog posts - there are over 76000 results given. I assume this is why Fiverr felt more filters were necessary.
Even just by selecting Tone, you will bring the total right down (in Humorous Tone there are currently 36 gigs). If you select the type too then it narrows the search down further.

So now, if you are looking for a humorous listicle, you select both filters and there are 2 gigs to choose from. Safe to say that most people havent made the changes yet but still, if sellers use the settings correctly, it should get more buyers to a seller they want and sellers not getting revision requests after the job is done because the buyer wanted a different tone etc.

At the same time, I think sellers need to add these features to their own Requirements now otherwise there will be misunderstandings. I think sellers will need to add gigs and edit them to suit different styles, types, tones etc. This will likely result in the number of writing gigs going up even higher than 76k! However, as always, the sellers who are on the ball and make the changes to adjust to the new change will be the ones who benefit while others will just moan about their impressions going down.


@mjensen415 Are these supposed to be like this or is there something wrong on my end? Can someone double check this?


Thank you


I have the same BS. so nice when things are being ‘improved’.
What if I have a perfectly fine writing gig for online texts, whatever the subject, and now I’m forced to ‘specialize’? My gig get’s enough impressions and clicks now, nothing needs to be changed for that :-/


I was discussing with a friend…Writer can’t post here, but wants an “ALL of the Above” option for Tone and Article Type and also Article Topic! He wants a rock hammer for some reason as well.


Good to know you’re a man who knows how to get things.


I’m not understanding. So, even if I specify within my gig description topics that I write on, I will still need to select the metadata in order for my gig to show in search more prominently?

Won’t selecting these topics cause confusion? I’m specific with what I write but these are a bit on the broad side and what if a buyer determines that I can write within the broad category they filter for and don’t read my description?


I´d been pondering a writing gig and got stuck at that spot too as I´d have chosen “Internet &” but not without knowing what the & is! :upside_down_face:

I guess “Versatile” is the “ALL of the Above” option there, though I´d rather have an “Other” option (too), not sure how many people will filter for “Versatile”.


As a new seller, it was really exciting :blush:for me. Not anyone, who has a Fiverr gig didn’t suggest me or any video tutorial and article hadn’t informed as well at the time of first gig launching. So, when experienced this carefully handle this. Anyways, now seller can be more specific about their gig and bring out better output for all.


Very well said, eoinfinnegan​:+1::+1::+1:, I admit with your point.


Well Said :slight_smile:


It is interesting. See what happens. I see how some buyers will be looking for articles in a specific tone and format.


That’s a great news for the writers:-)


Thank You So Much…