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New metadata for Articles & Blog Posts


OMG :hushed:, I don’t want to get my hopes up too high. :upside_down_face:
So, I better simmer down a bit. Ponder in peace, Mila! Go for it! Make it work and all dat :saxophone: jazz


Thx, will look into it.


really… it’s great news for the writers, :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Do you do any writing gigs? I don’t see any. When I set up my gig there was no metadata at all except for language. This is very helpful, because now a buyer who is looking for food or politics writers can filter and find me. Before I was just at sea and maybe if they clicked on my gig they could find out what I was offering or good at.

This is so much better :slight_smile:


I don’t offer writing services, I’m a WP consultant and I often buy web content and blog posts for myself and for my clients.

As I said before, if I need content for one of my client’s About page then none of these new filters help me. Maybe these new filters help some buyers, but personally I find that there are 100 other things Fiverr should focus on.

Regarding topic filter, I do a keyword search. I don’t use topic filter. Current options are too generic for my taste. For example, Internet & Technology is not specific enough to filter out writers for WP related topics.




Fair enough :slight_smile: I can definitely see how these filters may not be as helpful for finding the content you want. I agree that keywords are also useful, but when I set up my gigs, Articles & Blogs had no metadata at all. So having something is definitely better from my perspective - especially the topic one. The others I could take or leave.

Generally, I find that there are a ton more things I would like to filter for when looking for gigs I might want to purchase in the future.

I agree that they have a lot they need to work on beyond metadata.


I think this hurts sellers. My article writing gig covers any topic. Now I am forced to choose 2 topics only. My gig ranking has already gone down because of it.


good, but there should be “all of above” option. I am new seller not getting orders in blog writing, but I have 5 years of writing experience.


$7 in any rock and gem shop…


Make sure and get him a big poster too.

I also don’t like that we have to pick one “Article Type”. Most professional writers are capable of a writing a great long form piece, a listcycle, and a how-to. I think this may confuse buyers into thinking they need to know exactly what kind of content they need instead of getting expert guidance. Confused buyers are bad news for sellers.


uxreview I’d be interested in knowing about the content you buy that you use keywords to search for please?

I’ve noticed since the change came in, all the new sellers are ranking at the top. Work has slowed right now, okay actually it’s stopped!

So I’m trying to see how I can come up with more specific writing gigs. Should I concentrate on the amount of words, a subject or a type?



It’s really difficult to find writing gigs for a specific topic such as WordPress. The only categories I get are related to development & maintenance. Here are the categories for WordPress. As you can see creative writing is missing from the list.


So my recommendation for writers is to add more specific topics to their gig description. For example, if you’re good at writing technical articles then list the subtopics in the gig description or in the FAQ’s. Although I’m not sure if your gig surfaces when the topics are listed under FAQ’s.
So usually I write my own articles on technical topics and hire a proofreader later.

There are also topics where I can find writers. For example, recently I did a website for a jewelry business and since the owner had trouble coming up with content she asked my help. I did a quick search with keywords such as “descriptions” and “fashion”. I found 2 excellent writers and I got the content for the website in less than 2 weeks.
I wasn’t able to use long tail keywords, but “descriptions” and “fashion” did the trick. What’s surprising to me is that a lot of writers claim to write SEO friendly articles yet they can’t even optimize their own gig description.


It’s probably off topic, but since you asked here’s what I would do if I was a writer

I would record a video

  • A video is a much better proof that you’re a native speaker. There are plenty of so-called expert writers who copy someone’s gig description. As a buyer, I don’t trust gig descriptions at all. I never hire a writer without talking to them because that way I get to see how good their English really is.
  • If you explain your service in the video then you can use the gig description to list the topics you can write about.


I agree with you on that. I think we should be able to pick as many applicable area as we can. Ideally, I would have had three boxes checked, but I went with my top two because I had to only pick two. I would have also liked to include Art & Culture.


I regularly have buyers tell me they chose me because of my videos. They like that they get to hear my voice and know that I really am a native speaker. My videos are not fancy. I just record myself on my phone and give a quick pitch about my services.


That’s all you need. I know some sellers are camera shy, but we don’t care how the sellers look like. We just want to hear if the seller is a native or not. I can’t speak for others but I think almost half the writers I’ve hired have a video and the other half has a blog or they are active in this forum.


Some may have other reasons than being camera shy, shy about their looks or not being a native. You guys may better understand if you were women.

There are women who have videos though and all, of course, just wanted to mention it. No video must not necessarily mean someone isn´t a native.
Privacy and safety is a good reason not to have one as far as I´m concerned, for men and for women especially.

I understand that it´s a disadvantage, sales-wise, that I don´t have one, and I understand the desire of a buyer to be sure (though I´ve seen tips like having someone else (not going into the else) make a gig video for your gig around the internet, by the way), but I have my priorities, and I´m most probably not the only one. One rarely is the only one. :slight_smile:


Of course not and about half the writers I’ve used don’t have a video. However, it is becoming more and more difficult to separate good writers from the rest. We see sellers who have copied someone else’s gig description every single day here. Sometimes a video becomes the deciding factor :slight_smile:


well said…this is helpful topic…