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New music & audio subcategory ideas

Hey everyone!

I’d love to hear some input from the community - are there any services/skills that you feel aren’t represented in the world of music & audio on Fiverr?

We work to create new categories/services that can be offered on Fiverr - and bring more relevant demand to these new categories! Some examples of new ones we’ve opened recently are Beat Making, DJ Mixing, Synth Sound Design, Music Production Lessons… etc. (see full list here)

Any input or ideas are welcome, no matter how small or whacky :grin:

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Woah, the new audio book category just opened up and I’m a little upset with this sudden migration. Can sellers please get a warning before their gigs are migrated and how to adapt to the new settings? Plenty of warning was given about the new subscription settings… I now have to pause my most lucrative gig and interrupt my service to my clients until I can figure out an entirely new payment structure… I’m not excited about this. Even just an email about the changes being made would have been helpful.

Maybe voice over how to lessons?Techniques?
Purpose category could be the same as regular voiceover but with the added how to edit vo how to master vo how to add background music to vo.

Even deeper- how to de-ess how to remove plosives