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New mutual cancellation policy?

This is a question to those who recently (probably in a last week or two) had to cancel an order through the resolution center.

I have a customer who chose wrong package, doesn’t want to upgrade and therefore asking for the cancellation. Usually this was easily handled by CS.
However today I got a representative who just closed my request without taking an action and keep insisting that we should go through the resolution center.
The thing is that he is saying that some criteria in the resolution center will affect statistics and some of them wouldn’t.

Does someone had an experience of cancelling orders themselves through the resolution center without affecting statistics very recently?
(If so then that would mean that they finally put new system/algorithm in place but for now i highly doubt that)

I don’t have an appetite to test it myself because I don’t have enough orders this month to cover for this cancellation.
(and of course big boooo to this new fiverr representative)


Fiverr will think for buyer.

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I understand your problem with this. But what choice do you have? It sounds like the solution is to go through the resolution center and put the honest reason for the cancellation.

And there is enough time before the 14th of the month to get more orders which may put you above the minimum so you do not lose a level.

Or if it is that much of a concern you could do the extra at the price the buyer paid.

Had an issue one month ago, a buyer chose wrong gig !
i wrote to fiverr CS to cancel the order without affecting account statistics then received the following line,
“Please be advised that every cancelled order will affect the account” - CS
i did multiple times order cancellation without affecting gigs statistics before but last time i don’t know what really happened !


It’s not a problem or a question on what should I do. I know all my choices.

It’s more of a question to confirm if they indeed put in place a new system where some categories in fiverr resolution center doesn’t affect statistics.


Was it fiverr CS cancelling it without affecting your stats or you were cancelling it yourself through the resolution center?
If that was a fiver CS doing that before, I guess now you had to cancel it yourself and I guess it indeed affected your stats?

I don’t believe the resolution center can cancel orders without ruining statistics. I recently had an issue with a buyer who wanted to cancel the order because they didn’t need it anymore. We went back and forth, their requesting cancellation and my declining. I asked CS about it, and my rep said that if I accepted the cancellation, no matter what the reason, it would hurt my completion rate. Eventually, CS cancelled the order and gave me my money, leaving my completion rate unscathed. So, I don’t believe that’s true, no.


Was it the same CS rep who at first said it would hurt your completion rate no matter what who finally cancelled it and left your completion rate unscathed? Or did a different one do it?

I’ve gotten the impression on the forum that some will do it and some won’t.

Last time CS cancelled the order but it affected account.
Generally i knew CS cancel wrong orders without affecting account statistics. i had this sort of experience.


I can’t remember ever cancelling an order through the resolution center. It seems like that resolution center would automatically make them all count unless they have reprogrammed it recently.

Just last week I had a buyer place an order and then wanted me to do more than was offered in my gig. I told the buyer that and his response was then, I want to cancel.

I contacted CS and told them what had happened and that the seller and I agreed to cancel. CS canceled my order for me without affecting my stats. I do not get why they would not cancel yours? :thinking:


There’s definitely some inconsistency in what they say and do. It was the same rep.


That’s been my experience. They at first say they all count against you but maybe talk to someone else, or change their minds when they further understand your particular situation. Maybe they need permission to do it.

Or maybe we both got the same rep :grin:

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yes ! they do. appropriate way to cancel wrong orders.

That sounds about right, honestly. Never thought about it that way.

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Easy to understand why. You cancel, Fiverr loses money. They hope you find a solution (make him pay more, or work for less) in order to keep your account in good standing. It reminds me of Google Customer Support :slight_smile:

I think you didn’t read my post properly. first, buyer doesn’t have money to upgrade and fiverr rep just didn’t want to cancel it from his end not because of money, he obviously offered to cancel me order myself.

the question is: is there a new algorithm in place for the cancellations through resolution center.

then that is really misleading to basically promise that some categories might not affect stats when it’s not true.

It will affect your stats, we both know it and support knows it. He also knows you will try your best not to cancel and find a better way with your client (you are, aren’t you?). So how did I misread if this is exactly what will happen?

no it wouldn’t in cases like this if support will cancel orders themselves.

no I wouldn’t. I don’t work with people who didn’t bother to read even the name of the gig and the package or tried to cheat the system hoping that I will create a premium package in a basic package price.

this is my question :point_down:

the purpose of this post is to see experiences of other people but not to speculate on why fiverr rep decided to tell me that some criteria wouldn’t affect the rating if I cancel it myself.