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New mutual cancellation policy?

So go ahead and cancel then :slight_smile: Be brave! We are all curious about what will happen. Hell, what if I bump into a similar situation? Rather learn from your experience :stuck_out_tongue:


attention to detail is a great skill. almost like a super power :wink:
but I will quote myself again.

So support doesn’t cancel.
You don’t cancel.
Client can’t cancel.
Client can’t pay more.
You don’t work for less.
Nobody on the forum had experienced something similar (that we know of)

My advice is to work it out with your client and bypass Fiverr support. If you are stubborn and proud it will probably cost you more. Offer to sprinkle a little extra over what he ordered and move on.
If you are too proud, I can help you out (you’re a designer, if I remember correctly) with this order. I’ll do the CMYK version, you do the RGB. You make the 3D mock-ups, I make the video mock-ups. I can even make you a short logo animation (I can give you the source file when I’m finished, just to be sure I didn’t steal it from somewhere). No new orders for me, so I got time :slight_smile:

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I recently canceled a wrong order and I asked CS and they canceled it without even asking anything and it didn’t affect the rating or stats. They didn’t tell me as they did it to you.

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Pleeeeeeaaase, I don’t need an advice on how to handle such situations, I’ve been freelancing for a very long time and handle them pretty well :wink: it’s been 2 years since they rolled out this demotion system and I’m still level 2 seller.

I know what’s going on on this forum and I’m quite a regular guest here. But some people are staying quiet and doesn’t share their experience unless they are asked.

:grin: it just made me laugh, but thank you I can press the button “change document colour mode” myself.

That’s a generous offer.

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I’ve had three cancellations in the past 60 days - one was requested by the buyer and the other two were initiated by me.

All three affected my completion rate.

… I say last 60 days, but I believe they were all within the last 3 weeks. One was last week.


That pretty much answers my question.
But it still would’ve been nice if they finally would’ve take into consideration all our comments about cancellations instead of “tricking” us to make us mutually cancel it.


They’ve said that orders that haven’t started (the buyer hasn’t press the “start order” button or whatever it’s called, after filling in all the requirements) can be cancelled after 7 days without it affecting stats and that wasn’t always the case (but I don’t know how true that is), but all other cancellations I think still affect it (they’ve not made any public announcement otherwise as far as I know) - unless you can get CS to cancel it without it affecting stats.

If that’s the case though surely they would announce it on the forum (or maybe they will later) and/or in help pages. Maybe the CS rep is mistaken or it may be a new change or maybe they just don’t want too many people asking CS to cancel things or that was one of the reasons for adding the “not affect stats” if it has been changed.

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I find the resolution option to be pointless in some cases.
For example.
If you need to select a resolution for what ever reason on a 24 or 2 day delivery.
They have 3 days to reply. At which point it becomes late if they don’t respond :hugs:


Canceling the order yourself via mutual agreement, regardless of the reason, will definitely affect your stats… There’s no way around it unless of course CS inititaes the cancellation.

I canceled an order just recently via mutual cancellation and it reduced my order completion rate by 3%.


To be honest I don’t think so because then all cancellations regardless of a reason will be with that one criteria that doesn’t affect stats. If people will know that they will be just choosing non affecting reason for cancellation instead of a real one.

This is interesting. So you cancelled it yourself through resolution center? Which “reason” for cancellation did you choose?

You could ask the buyer to contact CS and ask them to cancel, giving the reason that he ordered by mistake. I think the buyer cancelling has less chance of it affecting your stats.

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(sorry, deleted as irrelevant and perhaps confusing to people reading this thread)


I have experience of this. I used to state in bold in one if my gig descriptions that I do not offer refunds for miss-orders. If a buyer ordered a $15 package and they wanted a $75 package, they got the $15 package.

I got away with this by covering every base possible. I said clearly in my gig description that if a buyer didn’t fill in their order details, they would get an article on a subject of my choosing.

Sadly, Fiverr CS always cancelled orders on the request of a buyer anyway.

One thing you could do @mariashtelle1 is just deliver what you say you will in the package offered, then let the order go into revision mode for a long period to ride out the effect of the cancellation.

It’s a grey area. However, you could just string it out and use the opportunity to expose how flawed the cancellation system is.

As for whether cancellations always count, I’ll PM you. :wink:


isn’t this a bit too risky ? Maybe someone from support might think that you are delivering something that’s not relevant to your buyers needs , I know that you are right and I can clearly see your point … but you can never know these days what might happen …

I thought about it as well however if someone is not responding to my instructions and I ’ start ’ the order , I can’t deliver a random logo of my choosing for instance… so even though I can mention that in my gig and I actually do that I might get a warning or even worse .


I quit doing this after I noticed CS was cancelling orders anyway. However, I do think sellers should be allowed to do this. If I offer 500-words of copywriting and a buyer orders from me and asks me for graphic design work, I should have the right to deliver what I say I do.

It’s essentially like ordering a meal at McDonald’s. If you order a burger meal and say "whoops! I thought I was ordering a Lear Jet," you will get laughed at.

I for one am sick and tired of this new kind of consumer culture in freelancing, where buyers take no intellectual accountability for their actions, while sellers get punished. It is a new kind of digital prejudice and the sooner it stops, the better.

Just had somebody purchase by mistake.

I’ve refused his cancellation request and have referred him to CS.

Will be interesting to see the response.

Recently I refused one, which is very strange is that he did not enter the order for incomplete, because the buyer did not attach anything, he said that he ordered by mistake, although we had a discussion before, and after a week when he attached request, the order started. This did not happen to me, every month I have 1-2 made by Customer Support, and 1-2 by customers, I have over 240 incomplete orders collected in almost 6 years and 90% from my Best Seller. I’m 99% that any cancellation affects the GIG. I think that’s why my 15k reviews GIG is on the last pages, although I still have over 100 orders a month, most from old customers. My advice is to refuse any request in Resolution Center.

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Fiverr CS cancelled the order a few moments ago - to no detriment on my account. So far.

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As someone mentioned these cancellations do not affect our stats but how they affect the placement of our gigs, or number of orders we get, is another matter. I’m not sure but they still might affect that negatively.