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New Name for Fiverr

After looking at many, many different gigs, it appears to me that fiverr should rename themselves to upsellerr.

or better yet a more truthful name like "I deserve more than just crumbs for my work-err"

That way deluded people who think they are going to get, or that they even SHOULD get hundreds of dollars worth of service for 5 dollars, can be enlightened to the reality that they wont be…

upselling is how we eat…just so you know that…=)

and there are a lot of sellers who ‘upsell’ and STILL get less than their work deserves.

Aint THAT the truth! Couldn’t have said it better myself MadMoo =)

ive been tipped several times luckly. but yes I too undervalue my work. If you go to most mastering sites…even the cheap ones get 100 dollars to master a song. so I wish people would realize that before balking at my 20 dollar price…they are actually getting 80 dollars off. and that’s just off the cheapo sites, places like Sony and Abbey Road mastering charge 500 per track to master, and I’ve got a lot of he same equipment that they do…i wish fiverr would allow us to put links to the other mastering websites so that these people could SEE just how mammoth of a discount they are truly getting. also id like to see some reward for the years of school and real life exp I put in long before I got on fiverr you know?

Our work has value, I’m not going to give you 90 headlines for $5, but 5 for $5 (and you’re lucky, I know one guy who charges $5 for 1), so if you want more, you have to pay more. Be nice to your seller and maybe he’ll over deliver, I know I have for buyers I like.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: yep I do that too if I like the buyer

Reply to @davidlustrup: And then you get enthusiastic reviews. Of course, one has to be careful, if you over deliver all the time, why are people going to pay for the gig extras?

Reply to @davidlustrup: Wow so you have an SSL at your home studio?


How about S c r e w r r ? Just kidding, but, I agree, it’s time for them to improve the platform, and go for some meaningful name.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: yes good point!

Reply to @solow13: yes solow13 I do, I inherited it from my mentor/boss after he decided to close his studio