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New not only to fiverr, but to selling


Hi everybody! So i posted my first gig on fiverr and found this forum, honestly i felt kind of relieved since i get the chance to know other sellers and be part of a community! so the one writing this is Eric, however the profile and the gig that comes with it is Mary, my girlfriend.
She’s more into the creative and out of the box things, im used to writing/programming (to be honest i’m thinking about making new gigs for the both of us if everything goes nicely)
To the ones asking yourselves “Why aren’t you on separate profiles?” well here’s what makes us different from other sellers… we work together! and if one of us can’t see what the buyer wants, the other one will provide it with ease!
We made this profile with the intention of seeing if the drawings are something people want and from there we can work our way into extending what we can do with that and adding some new stuff… seeing how people react to that… you know, the normal stuff (at least that’s what we think, we don’t really know much about marketing or anything related to selling and it’s our first time getting into this…)
So there’s my presentation, would be awesome to see some answers and get to know more of you
Edit1: How silly of me… MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYBODY!!!


Welcome Eric and Mary. Wish you all the very best. :slight_smile: