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New On Fiver Not Getting Orders

Look my profile and plz provide the honest feedback about my profile how i can improve my profile to get orders.


There are million people doing same services as you on fiverr.

what can we do to get order

Stop “necroing” - rasing from the dead old threads for one.

Read some of the very many posts that are exactly the same as your Q and learn from the few bits of wise into and advice (that most people usually totally ignore).



all the replys are not helping us to get work

@masters_duty17 Stop spamming your same question in three or four different posts. There is a lot of information here about getting orders, and there is no silver bullet for getting quick orders.

In fact, I am sure that I have answered this very question for you before - it takes time, patience and perseverance to build a Fiverr business, no different from any other business. There is no quick solution. I know you ignored this advice because you didn’t like it, but ignoring it doesn’t make it not true.


ok all is well am trying to get it right

No reply will get you work. That is the wrong approach and bound to see you fail every day. Depressing.

Even if there was one single thing that you could do like put a red dot in the top right corner of your Gig, it would only work for about 2 weeks when everyone was doing it and therefore no one was any different.

Everyone understands your frustration, usually because they are suffering some version of it as well.

Is what you are offering to sell/do for people something special? OR Are you trying to do exactly the same thing as everyone else in hope that some of what they are (supposedly) getting will rub off on you?

That is like going to a market where everyone sells exactly the same white socks because they are cheap and easy to get. If that market serves 500 people, how long before all the customers have enough white socks? Not very long at all. Becoming yet another white-sock-seller is just making it worse for everyone, especially you as you come to a place where the other sock sellers are known and trusted. You are not.

The wiser strategy is either to go to a place where white socks are rare and sell there. OR Make your socks red so they are different. You have to hope that people don’t hate red socks, or decide they are a thing of the devil (altho there can be a win in that, with teenagers) but at least you get noticed. After a week or so, other sellers will be coming in with colored socks so you have to find a way to stay ahead of the market. That is not price as every stupid kid will arrive trying to roll up the market with $1 socks.

What can you do that is special?


what i can do to offer doesnt matter but how will get the strategy to sell them

Welcome to the fiverr dear.
all the best.

Don’t share your gig link please It’s Denver for you. Thanks

Oh that is not the way at all.

Do you buy any old garbage just because someone ran some clever marketing on you? Would you buy moldy potatoes to feed your family because the seller called you from across the street? I hope not.

You buy when you feel value in the thing greater than the money in your pocket. Never before that.

Selling is not a result of selling strategies. Selling is a result of marketing: knowing what the buyer wants, delivering that in a way that they can see you and will be happy with the outcome.

This is why the potato seller calls to you from across the street. So you know he is there and has potatoes - which he reasonably assumes that you need to feed your family. No point selling potatoes in the middle of the sea with only the fishes (who don’t like potatoes half as much as I do - mmm chips).

What you do is everything.


your point is not well explained feel like you talking it easy like that to make a strategies, you are a freelancer how many order on your quee i have zero order but those who create new account get 20order per day how come.

I think part of the issue here is that your English is probably not as good as it could be so you don’t understand what is written. Saying that is my fault is not helping you to solve that problem.

People tend to like people they can understand, and particularly people who show they can understand them. This is a thing you can work on.

As I say to my kids, This thing called success, it will not arrive in a box with a ribbon one day. It has to be created day by day in all the small things. If they don’t do the small things willingly, the big things will not happen. For example, I bet the first thing done to build the Taj Mahal was not put the pointy bits on top but to draw some plans and then to dig a hole - apparently the wrong direction seeing you want the pointy bits on top :wink:

Good Question. Some people are naturals, as in things come naturally to them. Like the boys in school who can play any/every sport well while I could not catch a ball :frowning: Yet I could naturally do things they could not like write a sentence or program a computer.

Assuming that the path one person takes must be the same path that you take is understandable seeing Facebork and Instaham seem to tell us so, from people only saying how wonderful their life is. But it is not so.

You have some abilities. They may or may not be easiest expressed through whatever it is you have chosen to sell here. If you don’t have immediate sales, maybe you are not a natural at this and need to learn a bit more. maybe instead of the pointy bits on top you need to be looking at making plans and digging a good foundation.