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Hello everybody!

I joined fiver two days ago and since then I posted multiples gigs which from what I see they didn’t had any succes. Can you provide me any tips about what sould I do to have some customers?

Hi Defragus! I waited about a week between my first created gig and my first sale (i created an account 8 months ago but totally forgot about it). So my advice is to wait for now. You could also try a bit of promotion and try to be more active on the forum here. It’s not only fun but it can give you a lot of visibility. Also, try social media. I had a bit of success promoting my services on FB groups and forums.

I’m also pretty new but this is what I learned so far.


Hi and welcome. It can take weeks and even months to get started on Fiverr. The first rule is Patience. After that, have a great offer with a great title, great tags and a great description. Avoid the urge to throw up a bunch of gigs. Best to start with one and learn how Fiverr works.

Read these topics…

Hi Defragus and welcome!

I only joined fiverr a couple of weeks ago and I haven’t made any sales yet either. But not to worry, I guess the key is patience… and if I still don’t have any sales in a month or so then I’ll look over my Gigs and try posting different ones - it’s hard to know what people are after!

Reply to @beckybee: see this thread

Hi there,

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I join the others in welcoming you to Fiverr~ Please take the time to read the posts listed by @voiceoverwork. Newcomers have the same issues you have ALL the time, and the best answers haven’t changed, so that’s why those posts stay up.

You have some excellent gigs which are unique & nicely presented. Once your audience begins to find you, and they have good experiences working with you, I’m sure good recommendations will help move you along. Be sure to do as much self-promotion as possible, among your own social media connections. Reputation and good reviews are extremely important in driving customers to you; that’s why it can sometimes be difficult to get started: you don’t have any reviews yet! But once that happens, as long as you offer a good product that people want, you’ll do fine.

Good luck!

celticmoon said: as long as you offer a good product that people want, you'll do fine.

Pretty much sums it up! :)

Hello again,

Thanks all for all these advices which surely will help me in my evolution on Fiver. I’m still waiting for someone to buy one of my gigs, I’m already prepared to offer high quality services. Thanks again :slight_smile: