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New on fiverr and my experience till now


2 Months ago my friend told me about Fiverr, he was already on Fiverr he told me that you can earn some money by making logo designs etc on Fiverr i thought that is the best idea so i signed up for Fiverr before that i known illustrator but i thought it will be unfair to come in the logo design without some practice so for one month before i signed up i did practice now i am here from 2 weeks but i did not get any order yet but i will not quit i will work until it happens i will never quit i know that every business is hard in early days … i must also not quit


Paul the :guardsman:t3: is always on the :eyes: lookout for threads that contain helpful information for new sellers. He has collected around :three: :eight: threads at last count. Take a :sailboat: ride through them and you may find something helpful while you wait for your first order.