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New on fiverr and not getting orders

Hello i am new here. I have uploaded 3 gigs but zero order. Please help me and give me tip so that i can get orders thanks.

Here is the link of my account

Sheriff’s Note: Self-promotion goes in My Fiverr Gigs so this post will be moved. Requests for help could go in Conversations without a link. Links are not needed since your username is a hyperlink to your profile.

Don’t be stressed, it’s normal :slight_smile: Just promote yourself a little, be nice, people will eventually come you just have to help it a little.

thank you. Lennadesigns

If someone give me tip and after working on suggestions i get some orders then really i will be very very thankful to you dear friends. Thanks

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All sellers please help me thnaks

I think your design work is good, but your profile and gig descriptions have many grammatical errors. I would work on fixing that up a little bit just to help things overall. Maybe ask someone who is a native born English speaker to help rewrite it.

Many people already said about this before.
Visit “Buyer’s Request” section, you may find out there are buyers who need your service. Just click “Offer” to them :wink:
Be patience. I believe you can do it :slight_smile:

Your profile says that you are from the United States, but you are using a stock profile photo and it appears you have some difficulties with English. The post is in the incorrect category since you did not offer a tip to help other sellers. Your written English in the gig reads more like a non-native speaker. Here is an example from one of your gigs:

"What you have to do is just order the gig. If you have an idea on how the it would be, let me know that as well. "

I am not sure if your gig photos are also take from the internet, but all of these are probably contributing to your problems getting orders.

Still not getting order. Can anybody help me thanks

All your gigs are pretty new, you need to be a bit patient. My first orders took like 1-2 months and it’s absolutely normal. Also Your first picture in your gig will be showed in the search results. Make them stand out from the other gigs offered by other sellers - play with colors, text. Add a banner to your gigs. You wrote you design stuff like that, then show it to your potential buyers.

Edit: And some of your gigs are a bit redundant. Quality over quantity.

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thanks for suggestion. I am working on your suggestions. Really thankful to you

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thank you dear

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thank you