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New on FIVERR , and your guidelines to improve my sales


hy every one i am new on FIVER , join fiver a few days ago , and the experience of my first order is wonderful, happy to be a part of this platform , i just wanna to explore my knowledge in graphics

THANKS : hamxidesigner :slight_smile:


What a great start! Your first sale is always very exciting. Just a small error in your profile. Take the word “not” out. You want to say “revisions until your customers are satisfied”. Best wishes for your success on Fiverr!


lloydsolutions thanks a lot


Hello hamxidesigner!

Welcome to Fiverr! I remember my first sale, and it felt great! 120 5 star reviews later, and it’s still exciting. Here’s some useful information that helped me land repeat customers and also receive referrals from them! I hope any of these are useful to you! :slight_smile:

There are several things you can do to improve your sales. Many buyers are wary of new sellers, so here’s a few tips from when I first started:

Make sure you complete your profile setup 100%. Also, link all of your accounts (Facebook, Stack Overflow, Email, etc) so that potential buyers know you’re not a fly by night seller.

Use proper English in your Fiverr profile. Make sure to notate where you’re from, and make sure your sentence structure is proper. Many potential buyers will not want to work with you if your grammar, spelling, and sentence structure is not professional.

When setting up Gigs, offer the three packages instead of just a single, one size fits all. Potential buyers like variety. Also, make use of gig addons that make sense.

Have a logo designer create you a professional avatar. Buyers are looking for professional looking sellers.

Make sure of the FAQ’s, make sure your gig requirements are well written, thorough, and leave no room for miscommunication or vagueness.

Have a professional video made, such as an explainer video for each gig. Gig’s with high quality videos have a substantially better chance than just posting pictures / stock images.

When filling out the gig description, make positive use of headers, spacing, colors, etc. You do not want to describe your gig in a big, single paragraph. Break it up, use bullet points / headers, and make it look professional.

If you have any work that you can link to your Portfolio, as well as your Education and any certifications.

Go after Buyer Requests; be polite, communicative, and let your customer service skills win them over.

I hope this helps you along, and welcome to Fiverr!


Michael C
Synexic, LLC


thanks a lot for your kindhearted information …
this will help me a lot …


Congratulations on your first order! Feels great, doesn’t it?

Great info from Michael @ synexic too!

I especially like the parts about not being vague. I learned the hard way in fiverr that you need to spell EVERYTHING out for a buyer to avoid confusion.


Your message was folding a lot better, thank you


thanks all of u ,
your information will help me a lot in exploring graphics knowledge


Nice keep up the hard work. I just recently made my first sale because I really advertised my work a lot. Feels good to get a sale.