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New On Fiverr Forum From Islamabad Pakistan pleasure to Be Here, Waiting For My First Order :slight_smile: :heart:




Wow! Your gig is perfect! I think there is almost no way to be better! Buyers really love watching videos rather only images. My first purchase was 3 months after registration. Yea, the start is very hard.

You will need to find out how to and where to promote. You can use the Buyer Requests section to search for work and find a client. When you reach level one, (it’s given when you complete 10 orders and have more than %100 response rate) the orders will become more often. Once a week maybe. And once you reach level two, you will have not a day without work! :slight_smile:

Also, don’t put it low cost. Buyers think that you can’t do it well and that’s why you have low cost. This may help. You can just increase the cost to the maximum you think it will be good. Still, your price is ok as a start price. After my start, I had not much work and I decided to increase from $5.00 - $25.00 to $20.00 - $60.00. I got even more orders! See! Buyers like to see high prices!

Congrats and best wishes!


Most Welcome
I’m Also New


WELCOME to Forum. :grinning::grinning:


Welcome!!! Keep doing hard work. Order will get soon Insha Allah :slight_smile:


Welcome to forum…May Allah bless u


Hi All I am new to Fiverr…Please advice me on my gig.


@gillustrations If you want help you need to make your own post under the category Improve My Gig.


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: