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New on fiverr from indonesia


Hi im dinda from indonesia, im new on fiverr.

I need help about how to improve my fiverr,

And how to promote my fiverr,but not on facebook or twitter because i dont have this social media.

I need another things,need help

Thank you :slight_smile:


Welcome. Fiverr puts your gigs in search and you can promote your gigs in the “My Fiverr Gigs” forum section. Most buyers don’t read the forum, though. It is against forum rules to promote yourself in other forum sections.

My advice would be to sign up for social media yourself. If you won’t do that you could pay other Fiveer sellers to promote your gigs.


First, Welcome to Fiverr.

I am glad to see you are on the forums as honestly more people should be but aren’t.

As fonthaunt stated most buyers don’t read the forums and sadly this hurts a little bit. Using other fiverr members may be your best bet if you are trying to reach a lot of customers but I would make sure that all your gigs are ready for that.

I personally use social media sites as he also mentioned and post on classified pages once in a blue moon.

I do wish you luck and hope you reach your goals with determination and pressing forward with enthusiasm.


Welcome to fiverr!


Hey, welcome to fiverr!

We are new here, too, but our previous experience shows that the best business comes from repeat customers.

In order to get them first you will need to offer more than everyone else in your categories - it’s hard but it’s the only way to get started.

In order to get them to return, you will want to add some bonus to your delivery - show them that you value them as customers.

Also why aren’t you using facebook and twitter? If you care about privacy you can always use a pseudonym? You’re surely missing out because of the lack of social media visibility.


Hi thank you for your advice…

About facebook ya, bcause my facebook is for privacy and only some friend i have on facebook,so i dont used facebook for promote my i need another thing to promote my fiverr…


Reply to @ardicus: hi thank you for your advice i will try to do that…

Bcause i dont want used my facebook bcause its only for privacy…


Reply to @fonthaunt:

In which forum i can promote my fiverr?


Reply to @dindawulansari: How about Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc.? Any or all of those can help. You have to go about it like a business and advertise yourself. You can also make secondary business accounts on some social media and use your Fiverr name or another name.