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New on fiverr, having problem in balance

HI, Im new to fiverr my balance is 32$, actually net income shows 32$ and then personal balance is only 8$ dont know whats wrong with the other money. Like also in withdrawl money is only 8$. Although in total I hv 32$, what is this I cant understand. Someone please help


“Net Income” is the money you have earned in your entire time on Fiverr, ever. If you are in the “Earnings” page, you will see the amount available for withdrawal to the right, under “Available for Withdrawal.” You can also see how much is available for withdrawal on the top-right of your screen in green, right next to your picture.

Once a customer ACCEPTS a delivery (and/or rates your services), that money will be withheld by Fiverr for 14 days. Only once those 14 days have passed will it be available for withdrawal.

You can see how long it will be until the funds are “CLEARED” (available for withdrawal) in the Earnings page, by scrolling down. You will see rows labeled “Funds Pending Clearance” with a blue bar to the left. Once that blue bar is full, those funds will be ready for withdrawal.

Keep in mind that each withdrawal operation costs a fixed amount of money (plus a variable amount for PayPal), so it is better to do large withdrawals if you can.

You can see more details here (there’s even a video):