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New on Fiverr! Hello everyone



I just wanted to introduce myself. So… my name is Daniel and I’m new on Fiverr ( 3 weeks now). I’m providing logo animation service:

I was hoping for some help because I simply can’t get customers. 3 weeks, 0 sales and I even created youtube video for my gig. I believe that my gig is very well created so I just don’t get it why I didn’t get any sales yet.

Thank you and have a great day,


Hey Daniel,

welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

So you are a mechanical engineer who somehow specializes in animation?


Well your title is misleading for one. You make it sound like you are actually going to animate each logo in a custom way, when in fact you are offering several questionable templates.

Your demo video is generic and not at all impressive.

You don’t show your clients what it is you are offering. I am assuming because your templates are not exactly yours? So that’s why you don’t share the list publicly?

Anyway you get my drift. You are trying to sell something that looks mediocre at best, in a category where everyone is trying to make a quick $ by ripping off templates they don’t own, you don’t market your “product” properly and you advertiser yourself as a mechanical engineer.

If I need a Voice track, and I find a doctor advertising he specializes in it, he’s not going to make my short list.


Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

I will account what you are saying and will make some changes.


You’re welcome! Fiverr is a great place for new seller.

Don’t forget to check “Tips for Sellers”, It’s really helpful!



You’re welcome! Fiverr is a great place for new seller.


Hi, I’m new to Fiverr too :slight_smile:


I am also new in fiverr world.


I am also new in fiverr world.:slight_smile:


Advertise your gig on social media like facebook, twitter etc.