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New on Fiverr how can I get my first order

Need some advice how many days should I wait for my first order?


The forum isn’t a crystal ball.

The time varies for everyone.

But I can tell you one thing: you won’t get orders by waiting. You get orders by researching your questions instead of asking people to spoonfeed you information that has been asked here thousands of times already.


Check this out: New Sellers - Search your question … Get the answer Now!

See the 3rd reply!

Welcome to the forum. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:


Use your buyer request proposal on regular bases.


I know that you are totally right in this case but here are some of my findings, that I want to share with you.

Here are some suggestions from my side that I implemented on my Gigs and get very good response within two days.

  • Use correct keywords(That lies both in your title and search tags)
  • Your Gig picture must be optimized(create a picture by your own using any tool like canvas)
  • Respond to buyer requests(Your request must be optimized and to the point)
  • Stay active on fiver forums (discuss current issues on fiver and give appropriate solution if you know)
  • Share your gig on social media(Let people know about your services)

Note: If you want to know exactly how I implemented these phases, please let me know with your replies.



That doesn’t mean those things affect your ranking. They don’t and you shouldn’t say that they do. It’s a lie.

Just because you noticed success with something after you made a change, that doesn’t make it okay to jump to conclusions about what happened.

If I write a post in the forum and then I get a sale, does that mean my forum post raised my rank and created a sale? No. It’s a coincidence and illogical to suggestion correlation equals causation.

Don’t draw illogical conclusions and then present them as fact.

It doesn’t even make sense. Why would Fiverr rank your gig higher for posting in the forum?


If I walk down the street and start coughing, does that mean the street caused my cough and I should tell everyone that caused it?


That’s not how evidence works.


ohh! you are soo harsh in talking to other, it is not the way to talk the way you did with others.


New on Fiverr Yes I do research but I’m new to the forum but your right almost everyone asked the same question :pensive:


No, what is harsh is making things up to mislead naive sellers and try to make yourself look smart.

Lying and presenting illogical conclusions as fact is what’s harsh.


still harsh, please try to talk polite atleast once


This is not the appropriate way to talk with someone.Don’t be so rude


I’m not rude. I just don’t tolerate lies.

If only lies disappointed you as me speaking out against them.

Maybe people should stop telling lies if they want a cordial tone.

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you are great adviser.


share gig on social market place


No, this is not the case.

If you talk in rude then the other will also do same the alternate is to be nice & right.
I know you are good person & right on your points as well but if you try to tell others about what the did false in a polite way then they will respect your thoughts on it & will try to overcome, Otherwise it is like

Rude to Rude behavior instead of
Good to Good


We aren’t talking about people making mistakes. We’re talking about people lying to deceive people.

I don’t coddle people who try to deceive people in the forum.

It’s a shame you care more about the feelings of deceptive posters than about the people are being deceived.

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Don’t wait for days. Try to send buyer request daily.

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