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New on fiverr,how to get gigs

Hey guys, I’d really appreciate some feedback.

*I’m a designer and developer, and I’ve recently been trying to drum up more leads for my services.

I’ve just set up a gig on Fiverr, and since nothing is really happening I was hoping I could get some feedback from this community.

*Here’s the gig:

Any ideas why it’s not converting? Any help is appreciated.

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Hey leahan,

I’m new here, but I reckon the advice I’m going to give is still qualified as it’s applicable to many walks of life. It’s an ugly truth, so brace yourself, and I truly mean it in the gentlest way possible but…

Buyers, Fiverr, other people you don’t know, the world, universe, etc. don’t/doesn’t owe you anything, let alone business just because you set up a gig :slightly_frowning_face:

I wish it were as simple as just expressing interest in doing a gig and you’re everyone’s first choice – I feel blessed that I got my first offer within 24 hours of posting gigs. I won’t claim to know too much about your area of business’ climate, but I’ve heard that general web development is incredibly oversaturated. In these cases, it of course doesn’t hurt to have your services available here, but I’d seek out a demographic of people directly who may not know someone who can help with web development, or know that you can generally get it for verrrrry cheap online from people trying to cut their teeth in the industry (think types of people who proudly claim they “aren’t computer people”, for instance).

Also, be mindful of pricing – if you aren’t at the top of your game and/or have the feedback and experience to show you got what it takes, price accordingly. For instance, I work in audio engineering and session-playing. The one gig I’ve had so far was a $50 gig where I guaranteed the guy three recorded audio tracks – bass, synth, and live drums – up to 6 min (each), with a 24-hour turnaround and two free revision. Now, I’m a skilled musician. I started with bass which took me two hours to record – easy, so far I’m at $25/hr ($20~/hr if you include Fiverr’s cut). I knew keys would be very easy, so I decided to tackle drums next. As mentioned, I like to think I’m a good musician, and I’d never advertise something I wasn’t confident I could deliver, but playing drums isn’t my strongest suit; I knew I could get there, but it was matter of the approach. Long story short, I recorded for about 4-5 hours, only to find it was mic’d incorrectly. I had to start over from scratch. That took me 2-3 more hours and until about 2am (I started at 5pm) to do, nervous about my advertised 24-hour turnaround time (this was a learning experience in itself). After I knocked out synth (just this afternoon actually), all-in-all it was about 12 hours of work.

After Fiverr’s cut, I netted $40, which divided by 12 hours of work is… I don’t feel like getting out my calculator for this but just over $3/hr. I’m leaving an office job that pays about $21/hr, and in my area that’s ■■■■■■■ amazing. But you know what, I’m damn happy. I got to learn a lot about doing business in this field and not just being an artist, I improved my engineering techniques, etc.

I went off on a tangent there, sorry, but my advice – consider all of the above, but think even harder on it. It’s not just marketing or pricing. Can you do it quicker than the other guy? Can you offer additional services? What can you offer that the other guy can’t? That’s what gets gigs, not waiting around for things to happen to or for you. Hustle. Push yourself. Put yourself out there. Watch some YouTube videos on how to set yourself apart – you can find videos on how to everything nowadays.

You can’t fail if you don’t give up, and trust me, if you wanna succeed, you’ll be eager to try new things that pushes you further and further away from “failure” and closer to the success you seek.

Best of luck to you, and us all!


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thank you so much @lousyhex , really appreciate, as you said it’s important to give something that you know the other guy can’t ,this is wonderful, thank you again.

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