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New on fiverr... How to get order..?


Hey guys!! I am new on fiverr. I started my profile yesterday. I need some advice on how to get orders quickly. Also i want to know how much do you guys earn after one year in fiverr… Please help…


Have you read the Fiverr Terms of Service, the Help & Education section, or the Fiverr Blog? All three of these locations will provide you with plenty of tips and advice on becoming a better seller. The links to all three of these locations can be found at the bottom of any Fiverr page.

In addition, you will find plenty of great tips, advice, and discussions by reading the other topics on this forum. I recommend that you start with the topics in the Tips For Sellers forum.


Okay… Then can anyone tell me the one year income on fiverr provided the person works hard on it.


Every seller earns a different level of income. There is no standard that applies to everyone. Please keep in mind, Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick websites. You might make $1,000 a month (I know many sellers that do). But you also might make nothing at all (I know many sellers that do).

Don’t measure your earnings against someone else. You should set your own goals, and work hard to achieve them. Fiverr does not guarantee any level of sales on this site. But you can earn good income, IF you work hard, work persistently, work creativity, and reach out to the people who need your services.

The sky is the limit, but you’re still going to have to find your own way up there. :wink:


Really thank you for replying… Then can u please check out my gigs and see how it is? Suggestions are most welcome!


Also what should i write so that tge person in buyers request gets impressed and gives me the order? How should i approach him?


Make your gig perfect one. Secondly, you have to apply through buyer request and you have to show the buyer that only you are the person he is looking for. Do yare your gig on other social media platforms such as facebook twitter etc.


When did you guys get your first order? Like after how many days after joinibg fiverr…


Apply again and again on buyer request thats the only way you can get orders.


If I can try to answer some of your questions - one size does not fit all. How long I or anybody else took to get my first order will have no bearing on how long you’ll take.

Similarly, what one user earns in a month is no indication as to your earning potential.

What you reply to a buyer’s request needs to be based on what the buyer’s looking for - every BR is unique, so every response has to be unique. (Do you see a pattern here BTW? :wink:)

If you’d like some help with your gigs, please post in ‘Improve My Gig’.

Next - read the forum to find out what you need before you post any questions which have probably been asked 100 times before.

Then read the forum again, after you’ve read the help centre, terms of service etc.

Good luck! :sunny:


i know some people who are earning $25k to $30k usd per year.


I am also a new user here. I hope we will get orders very soon. Hope for the best.




Better to start with promoting your gigs. It is the first step after creating your gigs.


You are absolutely right!