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New on Fiverr, need advice

Hi guys, I just joined Fiverr as a seller. I want to help guys who need content on film, that is movie analysis, reviews, blogposts on movies, etcetera. I’m very good at making content of this kind but I still don’t know how to sell on fiverr. Could you check out my gigs and give me some pointer? Any help would be appreciated, THANKS!


Your work is very beautiful

But I can’t say anything good about it

What do you mean? Please elaborate

In “I will write an insightful movie analysis of any movie or show”:
You’ve got a bullet point after “Sound design” with nothing after it. I’d remove that.

It says “I also write blog-posts on movie reviews”. I’d be careful of that, the rules say:

Paid reviews

Do not post, offer or ask for paid reviews, positive or negative feedback on any product, service or performance.

“Movie analysis” would be safer than using the word “reviews”.

In “I will provide consultation on exams, assignments and research in film, music study”,
be careful of things like “assignments” - make sure you are clear you aren’t offering to prepare academic work (which would be against the TOS).

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Noted, thanks a lot.

welcome to the fiverr community