New on fiverr, need help and suggestion to start selling


Hey everyone it’s andrena! i’m here here on fiverr looking forward to earn fiverr points from sellers and buyers, i’m the HR of my company and we planed to bring our company to fiverr! Shout out for Silverlining media house! :slight_smile: kindly help me and my team to start the journey on fiverr! peace! :slight_smile:


I must say I love your enthusiasm!

Back to fiverr. Try visiting the academy and gobble the articles there. They were put there for you to become better at what you do.

Proceed to edit your account - descriptions, gig creation, gig videos and description etc. Do this thoroughly as this is what your buyer will see anytime they want to be convinced you can do a good job.

Lastly, be professional!
All the best.

Optimistic & Excited

Hi! Good afternon! I am new at Fiverr, just loving what i am seeing. Someone can help me? I create a gig, but it doesnt be active. I dont know why, what can i do please?