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New on fiverr , need help to start

But they don’t appear everyday.

Make sure you check a few times everyday.

Thanks for your advice . Does they have a specific time or what ?

No it varies everyday

Do you know the reason for that . Do i’ve to change something ?

I don’t know - I assume time-zones and keeping it fair.

yeah you must be right .

Update your skill and spend enough time

Do the offers sent to buyers request affect the gig …if any positive or negative ?

@syed_muneeeb buyer request affect positive

@saroar_alam that’s good then.

How many gigs should i make at a start up ?
I’ve made 2 already

You can keep 7 gig in start up

@saroar_alam Should i start all of them at once ?

Yes you can @syed_muneeeb

Hi there @syed_muneeeb Welcome to the community. Glad you’ve joined us.

I suggest to go through some free courses Fiverr provides, read TOS and rules carefully, and you’ll be fine.

Best of luck with your gigs.

Warmly, Humberto


I just received two orders yet in more than a month

can anybody help me … i can’t get orders???

Hey! welcome to fiverr! Know you’ll make lots of sales. Wishing you success!

Hi and welcome!
Wish you lots of sales!

I have collected Tips that can help you here: