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New on Fiverr, need help


I’m starter on fiverr. What is good to start with? I’m good at typing, drawing ( graphic art ) , I could draw logo too, not on PC programs, free art if you know what I mean… But i’m very fast at typing and i know to work with MS Office ( Excel, Word, Power Point - presentations) and i’m good at writing novels, stories, songs and things like that. So could someone help me, just tell me how to start, with what? Shortly explain me how, i’m desperate hard worker without work to do :confused:


There’s not really a “right” gig to have. Just know your strengths and build from them :slight_smile:

Also, from one writer to another…I found your gig description for your writing gig sort of “fluffy”–as in it seems to say a lot, but seems to dance around the edges of vagueness. You do give a rundown of what kind of writing you can do, but you keep reiterating what a good writer you are. Telling people that you’re a good writer doesn’t necessarily make them believe you, unfortunately. You’ll have to prove that with an eye-catching gig description :wink:

Also, I’d recommend making multiple gigs for different kinds of writing.