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{ New on Fiverr } Need Twitch emotes/ chibi designed? Click here!


>> Unique style chibi art for sale <<

I’d love to help you create art for any sort of occasion ^^
Feel free to check out my gig or leave me some feedback on what I can do to improve it c:!


Look I want to tell you something :hushed:

very seriously… :neutral_face:

They are so cute, lovely and beautiful. REALLY! :star_struck: These designs are gonna sell so much, I suggest you to not only target the twitch but also target anyone who wants a cute character design. :relieved::sunglasses:


Haha thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

tbh I’m not entirely sure how to market this, but I agree I should also target people looking for cute character designs.

Thanks again for your feedback :smile: It’s greatly appriciated!


There are many ways, for example:

  1. send buyers requests.
  2. share on social media pages
  3. try to find local customers if possible and tell them to purchase via fiverr
  4. join some facebook groups where people’s are the user of a tshirt website or something like that

It will take some time, but if you really want to do this in future, it should work.


@ruduax That’s So cute
Your work is so well
Keep it Up dear


Thanks :blush: Appriciate it!