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New on Fiverr! Positively waiting for orders and happy to work here full-time


Hey there, check out my GIG I created. Currently new on Fiverr, hoping to get good response!


Hi @aesthetic_inc

Welcome to Fiverr and the forum.

Please do not “wait” for orders. That is not going to happen (at least on Fiverr). There are literally thousands and thousands of sellers who offer the exact same thing you do: logo design. The competition here is pretty high.

You need to be proactive. You need to connect with your target audience/prospective clients (wherever they may be) and convince them to purchase your gigs. You need to give them a reason to purchase from you and not from the thousands of other sellers who are selling logo designing gigs on Fiverr.

Also, it is VERY important that you go through the entirety of Fiverr’s ToS. It explains the Do’s and Don’ts of Fiverr. The ToS has a lot of information that you always need to keep in mind while working on this platform. Carefully go through each and every word of the ToS. Otherwise, you risk losing your account.

Good luck! :snowflake: