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New on Fiverr, published my gig a week ago,

How can I get works . please anybody give me a fresh concepts

Hello @arefinislam, you need to start your own thread so we can welcome you, thank you!!


Thank u sir…R u seller or buyer?

I can tell you in your new thread, thank you!!

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:wave: Humberto, what’sup?
where can I see BR on my profile? Plz tell me

Hi there @saaema, how are you doing today? Oh, you need to scroll to ‘‘MORE’’ section on top and click on Buyer Request. I hope this helps. Good luck! :smiley:

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Good, Thank you :bowing_man:, I can see this option “MORE”

Np. good luck!! :smiley:

Follow these Instructions !

1)Check your proposal first that you are sending to buyers .Is this attractive ?
2)Check the Title of your gig .
3)Check description of your gig . you properly elaborate about your services? What you are providing special in your gig that others don’t providing , What extra that you give as free in order.
4)Check Thumbnails.
5)Use proper keywords in your tags !


Thanks, I am unable to see buyers requests the option of more and buyer request is not visible

you should need to online all the time , its shows only when posted by buyer only for those sellers who don’t have any level !

:ok: thank you :bowing_man: for your help. Have a good :+1: day!

you are welcome . Hope you do well and get your desirable answer !

Hey @ahmwritingco, How you doing?
I have made changes in my gig. Plz, check it out.

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Afternoon, Saima! (At least it is where I’m writing from :slight_smile: )

Do you mind if I send you a PM? There’s some stuff I want to say that would be better if it were kept discrete.

Good day,
You can send me a PM. Thanks!

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Ok, great. It’s coming your way! :email:

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