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Good morning everybody!
My name is Patrick Pechmann.
I created my account 3 months ago but just recently created translation and proofreading gigs.8 people already profited from my work and everything was going smoothly, until I got an order from a problematic buyer…
He ordered a translation from English to Spanish, which I delivered on time. Afterwards, I received a message saying that his document is very badly translated and asking for a refund.
I let 3 Spanish teachers proofread the text and they all agreed that they couldn’t have done it better.
My guess is he was looking for a free service, I looked up his profile and he offered translations too…
Even though this happened, I will simply learn from it and work harder every day to achieve my goals.
I am forever grateful that Fiverr exists and gives us all this great opportunity to earn money while helping others!
Did you have similar experiences? I would like to hear them!
Have a great day!


Hi Patrick welcome to Fiverr world. Dont get bogged down by such buyers… Iam damm sure we all sellers have experienced such buyers… infact one of my buyer after buying the gig he asked me for more than what was offered in the gig when i said it wud be charged he threatened me with a bad reviews… so dont worry you will get some good buyers…bad buyers and sometimes even worst buyers… there is no harm in offering a refund but make sure he doesnt leave a bad review… All the best !


Thank you for your encouragement!It is sad that people will try to get 5$ for free but without people like that we wouldn’t appreciate the good ones!
I already cancelled the order and stayed polite all the way through, in my opinion politeness always ends up winning.
Thank you again for the support and you have some great voice overs, be sure that I will have you in mind in case I am in need for some one day!


Welcome, Patrick. Just keep the good attitude and you’ll be fine. Forget the lame types, once you’ve dealt with them, and look forward to the good ones. You’ll develop better ‘spidey senses’ to avoid troublesome issues and people too, with experience.
Fiverr is really a great thing, all in all.


Dankeschoen Mila,
thank you for your kind advice! You are right, the best thing to do is forget the bad experiences and learn from them so you don’t trip on the same stone two times.
I admire your translation services, judging by your reviews it looks like you are doing an excellent job!You will be a top seller sooner than you know!
Wish you all the best :slight_smile:


Cheer up guy. Those kind of people will always appear. Just keep to good. Okay? Cheer up dude.:slight_smile:


Oh dear. Will look out for such behaviour. As a freelancer, I’ve found it effective to make sure I have a detailed scope with the client and that we stick to it. Critical paths can make things smooth, too.