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New on fiverr since 2 week not getting orders


Hi Guys i am new seller on fiverr since 2 weeks.
I almost posted 7 gigs.
But i cant get any order
give me some tips
i am a doctor having good knowledge in medical field.Here is the gig
please guide me what i have to add to modify my gig…


@drnazish Buddy you have to be really patient ! and look onto your gigs may need some more attractions.
i personally got first order months after i joined !! so keep working and visit fiverr


thanx for your respons


Please submit buyers requests on regularly basis, it’s help to get orders as soon as possible. :slight_smile:


I got one order a month during my first three months on Fiverr. I am on my 12th month and have completed 34 orders with 1 week to go.

Be sure to respond to buyer requests, and do good work to keep your ratings up. The orders will come.


Yes, Response rate is very important part of service which you provided to your customers. :slight_smile:


Thanx all of you for appreciating me


You are most welcome :slight_smile: