New on fiverr, some questions~


Hi there !

I’m on fiverr for a few days now and I had some request.

First one was completed and I had the review from the buyer but on my gigs I can’t have the picture of what I send, why (I checked the square when they asked me what picture to use) ?

Second request was completed (it’s be more than three days) but the buyer does not gives to me any advice, nothing, so my gig isn’t rated. What can I do ?

Finally my to-do list don’t stop showing the message “Your user profile is incomplete. Please edit”, but I did everything (even facebook and Google+ account.)

Thanks for your answer ! :3


Thanks for your answer ! :3


1 - even if you check the box to include the picture in your gig, however the buyer can choose to decline that so it will not appear. This is similar to any kind of business, it is always best to have permission from a client to use their material for advertising, not all buyers want that. So don’t assume you can use all the work you create.

2 - Not all buyers will rate a gig and give reviews. This is normal and happens from time to time. It is not a requirement that a buyer has to rate a gig or leave a rating and give feedback. Not all buyers are buying from Fiverr to be a part of the community, they juts buy what they need and then they are done. Over time you will get people who do leave reviews, but it’s nothing to

3 - that seems like a technical glitch that your account says that, so since your profile is there, i would just ignore that message or if you are concerned about it you can write to customer support and let them know. But have you tried logging out of Fivverr, clearing your cache, rebooting your computer and logging in again? Maybe see if that helps things.


As the other person said, not everyone will give you a rating. I wouldn’t worry about it. About 25% of my buyers never give me a review, which is better than getting a bad review.

Regarding the completeness issue, when you go into your Analytics page, hover over the Profile Completeness bar. It should bring up a little list of stuff to make your profile complete. If they’re all checked and it’s still not showing 100%, trying clearing your cache. IF that still doesn’t work, report it to Fiverr customer support.