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New on Fiverr, still no gigs :(

The good old story - " I’m new on Fiverr, but i don’t get any orders. Plez HALP!"

But really - why aren’t there any orders?

As an unofficial rule, you should:

  • Optimize your profile;
  • Optimize your gigs - watch the Fiverr Tutorial on that;
  • Be online 24/7;
  • Submit offers to Gig Requests;
  • Complete courses;
  • Pass skill tests.

But what do you do when all that fails?

I am open to this discussion and ideas from any point of view on how to start obtaining orders as a new seller.



This is bit confusing. I would like to know either you are seeking for help or trying to help others with the order issue?


I am trying to help myself and others by obtaining relevant information on how to start obtaining orders on Fiverr as a new seller.

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There has been a huge traffic on this platform lately. It can take more than a month too as experienced by other sellers here.