New on Fiverr, tell me your opinions


I just opened fiverr account, I’m an artist and I do realistic digital portraits

tell me what you think about my profile and my gig, thank you.


The gig looks good. The profile seems okay too.

While the images do look good and realistic (the 2nd one I think looks more realistic than the others?), I’m not sure if “hyper-realistic” would apply to all of them (eg. the 3rd). But they’re realistic & well drawn. The first image (aquaman) looks realistic but it may look more realistic from a distance (where the paint strokes blended in more).

An issue is probably that you might get in trouble for putting copyrighted characters/people (with IP rights) in the example images. eg. if you don’t own the rights or have permission from the rights holder to use aquaman/the person who plays him (and any other characters you use) in your advertisements you could get in copyright/IP trouble as well a possibly get your Fiverr account in trouble.


Nice profile - maybe hire a designer and get some custom gig images :slight_smile: but definitely not bad!