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New on fiverr. Tips to improve my gig?

Hello, I’m a new seller, joined yesterday, I made my first gigs:

I got around 15 views on each one, but no orders yet. How can I improve my gig so that it will rank higher? Just get more reviews? Or can I do something else? I also check the buyer requests frequently but most of the time I find no active requests, and when I do I mostly find requests I can’t do. I only sent 1 offer until now.


While having red-team hacker capabilities does prove you have skill, it still has a negative connotation to it, so I wouldn’t use that as an advertising/promotion point until you can prove your trustworthiness.

I highly applaud young entrepreneurship, and want to encourage it whenever possible. That said, I’m concerned that you’re throwing yourself off the deep end without much foreknowledge.

There’s a free Fiverr Learn course listed at the end of this post, under the (RRD) section. It should help you get a good perspective on a few things:


Thank you very much for your advice. I did read that post before, but I didn’t look much into those links.
I agree that saying I like hacking, even if I don’t mean I’m the type of hacker that hacks people’s accounts and stuff like that, most people will understand that I’m that type of hacker, making me untrustworthy when it comes to things like giving me their credentials to setup their server.
As for me not having much knowledge, I don’t get what you mean by that. If you mean I have no experience selling my services to other people, you’re 100% right, haha, I’ve never done this before. I’m going to watch that course. Again, thank you very much.

I think you set up your gigs very good as a newcomer on Fiverr. It is always hard to get first order as you don’t have any reviews. Be patient and try to keep cool when somebody send you any inquiry or offer, there are a lot of people you should not want to work with and may even get you in trouble. When somebody want to place an order but you feel uncertain about him, it’s better to say no.

Good luck with your Fiverr journey :wink:

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Yup, that’s what I meant. :slight_smile:
Have you had any other kind of job before? Baby/pet sitting, mowing/shoveling, fundraiser-stuff, concession stands at a school sports game, newspaper route? There’s a lot of things you can take from experiences like those, that you might not have connected to a job like freelancing. (I’ll not ask you to answer the job directly in this thread if that’s too personal. I’m willing to DM you, if you’re interested in some non-gig related tips and advice, but I’ll not without permission.)

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Stay Active, Be patient. Do Some gig marketing. Within time order will come.

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No, I haven’t had any other job other than doing a couple of tech-related jobs for friends and family, such as setting up game servers, web servers, etc.

Have you had to do any extra research for those, such as looking up troubleshooting or hunting down error code? That’s one aspect that can apply. (Though you being here in the forums implies you already know this one!) Were any of those paid?

Well, I always have to troubleshoot code because very rarely it works for the first time, there’s always something I didn’t type correctly (or something that isn’t compatible with the current setup). I got paid for a couple of those, but most of them were for free.

Hmm, so you don’t have much experience with the financial aspects. Do you know much about personal finances and budgeting?

No, I don’t know much about those. I’m in year 1 at an economics high school, so I hope to learn

Don’t be afraid to ask the teachers for advice, then. You’re trying something new, and you’re surrounded with teachers, who can be a wonderful source of helpful advice on a huge number of topics. (Even asking one for a quick proofread of your gig might be fruitful, though make sure you’re only getting feedback and not actual corrections. If they do offer corrections, be sure you understand why. This is for your growth and long-term success.

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You might also want to read the Forum Rules, and Community Standards as some of those have additional information on usage.

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