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New on Fiverr// Would it be a good idea to do gigs for free for feedback?

Do you think it would do any good if i did gig for free if it got me feedback? I already put much more then others do for my gigs for less money.
EX: Others charge more money for 30 seconds of recording and ill do 5 minutes.

But with 0 feedback its hard to get seen. Do you think it would be smart to do some free gigs like the 30 seconds recordings which realistically dont take more then 5 minutes to do.
Would that increase my chance of being seen?


Short answer: No.

Longer answer: Never do any work at all for free - always have an order in place. Once that’s done, you’ll find Fiverr doesn’t let you do anything for free. The lowest price is $5 - and having a completed order is the only way a buyer can leave feedback.

I note your descriptions are very short - try going into more detail about what you offer. Look at your competitors to get some ideas - don’t copy, just get some ideas and put them into your own words.

I note you also don’t use tags. Fiverr lets you use up to 5 tags - tags are a useful method of helping people to find you. Again, examine your competitors … and think about what people will type in to the search bar on Fiverr to find the services you offer.


You could also check the Seller FAQs in the Help Center, scroll down, and you’ll find a link to a list with allowed URLs, perhaps you can use one of those to showcase more of your recordings, IIRC, soundcloud is on that list.


I was trying to be as precise as i could be. I record things. :smiley: But yes, ill try and expand it a bit.

I do think i used the gig tags. hmmm.

Ok, so no working for free. :smiley:

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You can always do gigs very very cheaply. You need to do that to start off with or too recover after Fiverr has knocked you back because you missed out on their checks.

There is no advantage to you in working for free as a buyer has to order, pay, and then you deliver.

Only then can they leave feedback, if they wish to do so.

Check this out: