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New one at fiverr

I am a new seller of Fiverr. I just created 4 Fiverr gigs at Fiverr … and today’s night I will create a new 2 gig. but the last two days I did not get any buyer request at Fiverr. actually, I do not knock why. please anyone help me, how to get more buyer request.
thank you


You will not have access to many buyer requests until you are promoted to a Level 1 seller.


disagree, you can send Buyer request always until you dont have less than 4.5 rank , so, you just need to check time to time the buyer request on “more” and sometimes you will see people searching for your services (but its a battle with all fiverr users)

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I don’t think you read what @jonbaas said carefully.

He is only saying that new sellers/unleveled sellers can see much lesser buyer requests (BRs) than level 1 sellers. This is absolutely true. I am sure several other sellers (who are at least level 1) can vouch for that, too.

He never said new sellers cannot/are not allowed to respond to buyer requests. In fact, he didn’t mention anything about sellers’ ability to respond to BRs.


My recommendation is to take a bit of time to publish new gigs. For now, you should keep eye on performance statistics of those gigs which you published already.

As a new seller you will have limited access to Buyer Requests. Few BR post will visible to you, you need to check the request page very frequently. My very 1st 3 jobs were from BR. It was 3 years ago. Now system is changed. Fiverr is not a bidding plateform. You have to earn success from gig search. So better you work on your gigs

As example ,Your gig >> I Will Do Wordpress Theme Customization Or Fixing Issues Or Wordpress Plugin Install , you better add some of your past works.

There are couple of few things you also need to work on other gigs too.


oh, my bad, i missunderstand him :frowning: im really sorry mister @jonbaas i was thinking you talk about the tickets and stuff

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The field you are working in have a lot of competition you need to work harder and smarter than the rest.

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