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New or Struggling and Need Help?


After you’ve done your intro here, the Fiverr Academy is usually a really good place to go. If you are in the mood for a fantastic resource that is fresh, also try out the podcast on Episode 10: Tips for New Sellers! The audio version is the best, but if you need something written, you’ll find a link to both audio and transcript here:


I am a buyer and have completed, so I think, my profile, but it says INCOMPLETE. There’s nothing for me to change help!!! Also, I created a request, HOW long does it take to go from pending to approved - it’s been 4 hours. I thought it was instant.


Pending, by definition means “awaiting decision or settlement” so the process will not be instantaneous. I suggest waiting 24-48 hours (which, depending on how you think of it, isn’t very long).

Also, check what kind of request you’re posting. Sometimes, if it’s fuzzy with the guidelines, it’ll take a little while to get verified. Good luck :slight_smile:


Thank you for suggesting me fiverr Academy :slight_smile: