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New order! And Some Unwanted Creepy Messages!

Hello Fiverr Goers! This morning I received my 8th order, which is a great feeling as number 8 is also my lucky Number, although I hope it will not stay like that :rofl::pray::joy:

Lately, I start to receive emails such as ‘‘thank you so much i impress with your looking so nice and handsum bro’’ and ‘‘thank you for your kind support, you’re a very handsome man.’’ In my ‘‘ORDER CONFIRMATION CHAT.’’, can you believe this? I won’t refer to any names here, cos these persons are also members to the Forum.

So if you reading this you know whom I’m referring too?? This is inappropriate and this is something I was not expecting on my Order Chat. Not to speak off, that I have to respond to this kind of messages for not to lose my quick response rate.

What do you want me to say, I’m flattered or thank you for your kind words??? :thinking::thinking: You should know better!!! So I blocked you and reported you GUYS!!

Please if you have something to say add this to my threads/comments so anyone can read it but not on my PM (except if I give you permission to do so) BUTTTTT PLEASE, NOT on my Order Confirmation Chat!!! It is creepy and it makes me feel very uncomfortable. Read the rules ToS and you know it is against the rules to do this kind of behavior. I’m very upset right now and can’t believe this is happening???

Still, the sun will always shine and soon I’ll be smiling again. Humberto


Advantages of being a good looking guy maybe? :smiley:
You can always report and block them it won’t affect your response rate.

Hi there @techpig, but to read this in your Order Chat… coming from a GUY!!!

‘‘thank you so much i impress with your looking so nice and handsum bro’’

Is very CREEPY!!!

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Yes indeed it is! :smiley: but again take it as a good compliment haha

Sorry but why @techpig should I take it as a compliment. It is more a waste of time if you ask me??? Pointless and against ToS.

Again there is no built in mechanism to control human emotion of that level :smiley: so either block and report them or take the compliments.

I already blocked and reported them as you read in my Thread :rofl::joy: This is the reason why I had to write this thread referring to their CREEPY behavior…

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I get these too and block them. Yes it’s creepy.


Glad someone has the same experience, thank you @misscrystal for sharing. IT IS SOOO CREEPY!!! :japanese_ogre:

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It can’t be avoided when you have chat on the internet that is open to so many people. unfortunately.

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I know, but not only that. Is that they even leave you such weird messages on your ORDER CHAT!! Where will this lead too, I wonder??

I’ve been lucky not to have these creeps on there, and feel bad for anyone that does. It’s not flattering. It is absolutely creepy!


Lol!! A guy used to say things like that to me, I also blocked him. These people deserves being blocked. Well atleast he gave me a chance to use blocking option on fiverr, LOL.

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I am not sure why you are pointing this out. You have done so in another post of yours, too.

So, if you got that message from a girl, would you be okay with that? Would it suddenly become professional? Would you respond if you received such a “compliment” from a girl with a beautiful profile picture?

I don’t think so. The person’s gender shouldn’t matter, in my opinion. The level of disgust/unprofessional behavior is/should be the same regardless of their gender… even if it comes from a person of the opposite gender.

Unfortunately, you make it seem like it has something to do with the person’s gender. I am not sure if it is because of the communication gap or if it is because of some other reason.

You are probably just surprised that it came from another guy. :wink: That’s perfectly normal, in my opinion.

I don’t even know if, deep down inside, you think gender actually matters. Probably not… But, unfortunately, it is very likely that people might interpret your post that way. :slight_smile:



Hi there @hanshuber16, I think you got my thread completely wrong here, if you referring too @lloydsolutions, this was a mistake I made by calling her Mate. At least this is the only mistake I can think off??? Do you know something I don’t?? Because then you know more than me, you’re not one of those creepy guys I hope???:rofl: JUST KIDDING!!:joy::rofl::pray:

Well, at least this is the only time I can remember I referred someone to her/his wrong gender?? But this was just a laugh and I learned my lesson as @lloydsolutions point it out perfectly well to me… So why do you have to bring this up that happen my first day here on Fiverr 2 months ago???

As you can read on my thread someone else also send me a message on my Order Confirmation

‘‘thank you for your kind support, you’re a very handsome man.’’

This was a girl… and I don’t care whether it is Claudia Schiffer, Michael Jackson (if he was still alive) or a Martian, my point is I would’ve blocked these guys from wasting my precious energy to something they’re not allowed too. They breaking the ToS rules here. If they have something to say, said it but do it here on the Forum or on my PM (which is fine, but rather not from a stranger).

However, receiving such creepy messages where clients supposed to leave their requirements and orders is very weird to me. Because it is not related to my GIGS whatsoever!! And like I said I don’t care what gender it is. Respect is what is! I won’t do it to anyone else and I don’t expect that neither from anyone else!! But thank you and have a wonderful day.

Auf wiedersehen (which means, see you later):wink:

Kindly Humberto


Hello again @hum_on_the_go

I have no idea why you brought up the topic of misassumption of someone’s gender. Nowhere in my previous post have I made a reference to a forum member’s gender or the misassumption of their gender. I am very confused. :thinking:

As to the post of yours that I was referring to… it was not from 2 months ago. I believe I was referring to a post from 16 hours ago where you had YET AGAIN stressed on the gender of the person who was sending you “unwanted creepy messages” when there was no reason whatsoever to do so:

As you yourself have already pointed out, the gender of the person sending these creepy messages doesn’t/shouldn’t matter at all. So, I just wanted to know why you were repeatedly pointing out their gender every chance you got? EVEN when it didn’t matter at all?

Because as you yourself have already pointed out:

So, in that case, you didn’t really have to state the person’s gender (“guy”) in the following post now, did you? :wink:

Otherwise, I agree with everything else you have said. :+1: :slight_smile:

:flushed: I had no idea what that meant. Thanks for enlightening me. :wink: Just kidding. I know you had to write the translation (psst… psst… forum rules :wink: ).

Auf Wiedersehen to you, too. :wave:

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@hanshuber16 Why do I get the idea it is sort of… je ne sais quoi… to him? Maybe it’s something new. I get girls who like me, boys, no big deal. These days anything goes.

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To be fair, making a suggestive remark is completely inappropriate in any order context. If people don’t want the reaction, they shouldn’t make them in the first place. How a person feels about it is then then completely up to them.

I realize that the issue of gender etc is quite big at the moment. However, in real life, I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t react with a little incredulity when someone of a gender they are not personally attracted to makes an advance. If a guy tries to chat up a married gay girl I know, she usually acts in the same way.

There is nothing wrong / hateful / prejudiced about the fact. It is just the case that in real life, people don’t check each of their social responses against the latest edition of the 2019 political correctness handbook.

No one should make advances or suggestive comments, period. - Also, we never say when girls get men asking for feet pictures “but how would you feel if it was a woman?” :thinking:

All that has happened here is that @hum_on_the_go has acted with the same incredulity most people would regardless of who has tried to chat them up.

Of course, he does have something of a flirtatious history here on the forum… :wink: - Maybe if it weren’t for all his smooth talking and eager to be friendly attitude this wouldn’t have happened. :smile:

(That last bit is a joke.)

Thankfully, I have a solution. I realize that not everyone has the luxury of being able to avoid inappropriate advances by being fugly like myself. However, maybe a change from an actual profile picture to an avatar could help keep the lovestruck masses at bay?

Can’t go wrong with this one:



It’s a type of aggression that is not appropriate. It’s not the gender it’s the aggressive nature of it that bothers me. They know this is not appropriate and don’t care. They enjoy crossing boundaries. They probably do this to lots of people all the time.