New order but The buyer is not responding


Have a new order in the I have specified that I am finished in 3 hours.

Now 6 hours are over and still no answer.
I need the material to work, what can I do.


I don’t understand the issue you’re having, can you explain it in better detail?


Someone has placed an order
And insists that it is finished in 3 hours.
But no material was sent to work.
Have tried contact with him, but get no answer.
Now the time has passed.

Is there any other way to contact him?


Last seen : 1 hour ( He saw it ? )


If he did not respond, there is absolutely nothing you can do.

I would send him a polite message explaining that he did not send any artwork or files to start the order which made it impossible for me to complete your project within the timeframe you asked for.

Best of luck.