New Order every single day


I just want to ask if is it possible to get new order every single day from new buyer? does anyone here got new order everyday?


Yes, it’s possible - just look at the sellers who have tenths or hundreds of orders in their queue, they’re getting that amount every day, so it’s definitely possible if you have a great gig that is in high demand.


I m still a new seller so i wish i had a new order everyday… guess I’ll try harder :smiley:


I receive many orders everyday. But I also work hard to earn them.

Anything is possible, but it won’t happen if you sit back and expect those orders to appear out of nowhere. Get out there, connect with your target customers, and bring in your own sales. Being a freelancer is a business. Treat your gigs like a business, and you will eventually find success.


i am also waiting for daily orders


And you will probably keep waiting for orders that will never come. If you want sales and success, it does not come to those to sit back and wait. Reach out to your target customers. They need to know how and where to find your gigs.


yes i am daily working to get buyers my gigs views increasing


And what kind of “working” are you doing?


marketing on social media


I am 99% certain that you are NOT marketing anything. Posting your gig links on your social media accounts is really nothing more than spamming your friends with your gig links. Your friends are not your customers. Go find the people who desperately need your services – THOSE people are your target customers. Those people will make you successful.

For most new sellers here on Fiverr, “social media marketing”, as they all seem to like to call it, is a completely waste of time – because they are not connecting to their customers, they’re just posting their links on their personal social media accounts, and expecting that to somehow randomly connect to the random customers that might randomly find them through random links on social media.

Marketing – true marketing – is NOT random.


i worked on linkedin
guide me about effective marketing


No. You need to do your own research. You are a businessman. Research like someone who wants to build a successful business. I am not going to do your work for you.


It’s possible and not that hard at all after some time. The trick is to figure out a gig that people need and that takes you a reasonable amount of time to deliver. For example, I write medical articles. It takes a lot of time. There are days when I get 3-4 orders and 1-2 of them are express delivery (24h). When those days come, I huff and puff, scratching my head, frenetically typing all day long thinking what was I thinking about when decided to start this whole writing thing :). But that’s a freelance life- not for everyone.