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New Order Modifications Model [UPDATED 3rd AUG]


We made the following adjustments in the new Modifications model:

Controlling the Feature

Activating the model with a checkbox (UNLIMITED option was removed).

If the feature was set to UNLIMITED on your Gig, the current status is not-active.

Not Activated? Won’t Show

Modification icon will not be displayed on your Gig page if you didn’t activate the feature.

Hi everyone,

Based on feedback we received from the community, we are currently working on a new order Modifications model.

This new model will enable sellers to set the number of modifications included in their basic Gig. Additional modifications can be added along with the added cost and time it will take.

Here is the planned implementation for the Gig Edit page:

And this is how it will be presented on the Gig Page:

Please share your feedback here



Reply to @newbold3d: Thanks! I’ll take it under consideration in following phases.

This looks very helpful to me. Also thanks again for the new stream of info on changes. Being inforned vendors is awesome!

This looks lovely. I hope when it comes live, its better than it looks here.

Would like this to be option to display on gigs. Or not show if 0 is selected.

Would be great if we could have more definition in what is a charged for modification and what is not, so buyers could select a couple of options. For example, if I’ve mispronounced a clients name, I would cover that modification for them. If the client has changed their request (such as an altered script or different accent) that would be a modification that I would need to charge for.

This is fantastic!

The definition of a modification needs to be made very clear. I wouldn’t charge for a modification if i made any errors myself. However, if the client changes their mind after seeing the brief come to life i would like to be able to charge for the extra time to make their modification requests.

Something about these “modifications” need to be done! Literally EVERY single negative review I have received as been because a buyer received a FLAWLESS delivery, but they wanted free modifications, even though I did NOTHING in error. I contact CS each time, and they won’t take the negative reviews down, even though I state in my gig page that I do NOT offer gratis revisions. Bully buyers are winning and it’s really sad *=(

Reply to @meggananderson: To be honest it sounds like to me this post is about them doing something about it. When this goes life you’ll be able to not only say you don’t do revisions in your base gig and then you can use this new extra to charge appropriately for them. I’m kind of confused about your post in this particular thread but I hope the change helps. Have you also thought about adding to your gig descriptions that all revisions cost extra? I looked at a couple of your gigs and I didn’t see a mention of revision at all and my buyers typically assume a quick revision would come with the gig if nothing is stated.

Reply to @sofia_writers: I’ve shared the wireframes in the post in order to give you a glimpse of what we’re working on. It will look much better designed :slight_smile:

Reply to @orcatek: If 0 included modifications are selected, the indicator on the Gig page will show “3 Modifications $15” (based on the parameters you’ll set). If unlimited included modifications are selected, it will show “Modifications Included”.

Reply to @reddhorrocks: At the moment we only have one modifications type. If you’re buyer requires changes that you don’t want to charge for, he can always send you a message on the order page and not ask for modifications (same as today). I will take your comment under consideration in following phases of this feature. Thanks!

Reply to @newbold3d: Thanks newbold3d! I will take your comment under consideration in following phases of this feature.

Finally! Great feature. I agree with some of the above that there should be a modification type, other than that is a great idea.

It would be great if we could bundle revisions into our extras. Please view attatched

Reply to @adi_so: Thanks for the info.

This is something I’d really like to see happen on Fiverr. As long as @steveeyes concerns are addressed as well. If it’s obvious someone is holding feedback hostage for free work or modifications then Fiverr needs to protect the seller.

This is fantastic news! And may tempt me to bring back my graphic design gigs, which I pulled down because of people taking the biscuit when it came to revisions, and thus preventing me from earning what my time is worth.

Great news, but like all features here on Fiverr, until you get the rid of buyers using the rating system as a threat if they don’t get what they want, it may be risky for sellers to use.

Nice to see someone from Team Fiverr come to the forums. Thanks. It is appreciated.

Reply to @reddhorrocks: That’s a really good point otherwise the buyer could trigger another modification, which I suspect is what we are trying to avoid here, keeping the order open etc for multiple modifications. Maybe add the option to auto close after the modification/s have been carried out (unless your new script will do that anyway)