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New Order Notification Not showing

Hi there guys. Are there any of you experienced this?

I was shock receiving a message about an order that is 24 hour delivery, the customer is mad and was going to give me a negative review. I was not aware that i do have an order with that extras. So i checked my notifications and I did not see any notification about his order.

Any help?

I’ve had it happen sometimes that I never got any notice of a new order, but I check my sales page several times every day and open all orders to check on the delivery times of each one to stay aware of when I need to deliver orders. Do not try to depend on notifications. Watch your order page closely ever day.

I just experienced a similar problem.
A customer sent a message (not yet an order) and asked for 24h delivery.
Neither was an email sent to me with a notification (asit usually happens) nor did I get an info via the mobile app.

Result: job gone