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New orders not going to dashboard!

Is anyone else having this issue? I’ve been getting new orders all day which I get a notification for, but they are not getting added to my dashboard. Only if I go to “Sales” can I see them, which is not good as I need to know the countdown! :frowning: anyone else experiencing this today?

Mod Note:
I got a response from CS.
They are working on this issue but if you are still suffering from this problem, I suggest you ask customer service to “Reload your To-do list”. This is what my CS person said they did for me and mine is working ok now (Eoin).


Yep! I’m having the same issue. Very irritating, and could mean an order goes under the radar. Not good!

Same Issue

Same issue, anyone have any idea?

Contact CS to get it fixed, I don;t have this issue.

Yes, same issue here

Yeah I’m having the same problem like since 8 hours ago :confused:

Contact customer support to solve this issue.

same here.

I dont know if I’m happy to see others having the same problem or worried because the issue :grimacing:

Someone contact CS and ask em whats up.

already did, but as a level 2 seller it takes more time than top rated ones

The issue has been reported to Staff and CS so I guess its just wait and see for now.


yes same issue :frowning: hope it will solved soon

Thanks, for everyone wondering it’s ok on the mobile app so just use that to track orders for now.

Same issue. I think support working on this issue. It will be fix soon.
Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m also having the same issue. Good to know it isn’t just me. :slight_smile: I’m sure it will be resolved soon. Just have to monitor the Manage Sales page for now.

Yes, had this issue a few times. I normally get notified in the app & by email, but lately I noticed it isn’t the case.

I also had a buyer who was worried that she lost money as I couldn’t get started on the job as the order didn’t come through.

also, the ONLINE feature seems not to be working

Yes, same issue. Wrote to CS just a moment ago.