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New 'Out of Office' instead of 'Vacation Mode'


I’m loving this new update to the old ‘Vacation Mode’. It looks and feels a lot more professional, so in my opinion, it’s a great improvement to the website.

Usually when I had a big ‘Vacation’ banner on my page/gig, regular buyers would think that I was sailing away on a sunshine island, with a cocktail in my hand and wind in my hair.

Yeah, no. I was overbooked and couldn’t take any more orders. Even though I would set it up as ‘I’m overbooked and will come back soon’, no one would ever read that. They would always see the banner with the palm tree and think about…well, palm trees and birds chirping while they needed work done. :roll_eyes:

This looks great. Thanks Fiverr!


It is available on fiverr mobile app…


yeahhh exactly new update is awesome…

but after this i think there is low sale
isnt it?


i think NO


But i checked in desktop mode…
Not Found like - Out of Office mode…


THEY SEE ( OUT OF OFFICE). :sunglasses:


Ok it is available on profile page…Checked Again…:smiley:


:stuck_out_tongue: OH RIGHT…


Wouldn’t be great if they allow us to enter the reason we want? like:

“Overbooked right now, please check again in a couple of days.”
“Getting a bit of rest, I return next 20th.”
“Sailing in the Caribbean, thank you for making me rich and handsome.”

And left the mode as unavailable.


I think you can write a message or choose from one of the default messages (haven’t tried it yet), but I’ve read that you can:

lol @“Sailing in the Caribbean, thank you for making me rich and handsome” :desert_island:


Oh yes! I see it, nice one then! I get overbooked pretty fast, so until now I was using the limit orders feature, but it does not show any message and it is a bit bugged. Thank you for pointing out!


I love this suggestion!!!


Is this only visible in Mobile? I haven’t used it yet, but I am going on my first vacation in forever soon. Can someone point me to the button. :smiley:


I’m trying to find the vacation mode option on my account to take a break from orders for awhile and just work at my regular day job whilst I enjoy the rest of the summer. All I can find is the “out of office” option. Between that, vacation mode, and pausing the gigs I don’t know which is the best option for not affecting my gig standing.


That is now what vacation mode used to be. Enjoy your holiday! :sunny:


It’s a toggle button. Click on your avatar picture on the top right of the page once you are logged in on DESK TOP and on the drop down menu click “my profile” then look on the left side of the page right under your description and you will see OUT OF OFFICE with a green button to switch on.

The SAD thing is…(you can’t ACTIVATE IT on the MOBILE APP, you can only see that it’s active)

I hope they make it ativateable on MOBILE soon…that’s where I would use this feature the most.


I still can’t seem to find it, any ideas?