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New Payment Gateways

Fiverr offers 3 payment gateways: PayPal, Fiverr Card, and Payoneer. However the Fiverr Card and Payoneer are the same.
PayPal does not support most countries making majority of Fiverr users turn to payoneer. But payoneer recently changed its system, raising its minimum withdrawal to $1000, and making it impossible to withdraw using the payoneer card. All these are posing difficulties to some fiverr users including myself. I suggest Fiverr create more Payment gateways like skill, payza etc. to make transactions easier. Thanks


I imagine that would be a pain to manage for the accounting department. :wink:

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When did they chnge? I took less than that out one weeks ago?

In my opinion Bank Transfer is the Best option!

Hy how you can say that min withdrawal is $1000?? image

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The money I took out was a payoneer bank transfer so maybe that is different. :thinking:

Check this, I know what I’m saying

Check this

but here is only $50… don’t know why… but i mostly tranfser min $50

I guess Payoneer is bias

Taken from the Payoneer website:

Does the Withdrawal Service have any limits?

The amount you can withdraw depends on the following:

1. Your available balance
2. Your minimum withdrawal amount per transaction
3. Your maximum withdrawal amount per transaction

These details are unique to each Payoneer user and are clearly displayed beneath the Withdrawal Amount field.

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Is this for payoneer card? I think there won’t be any withdrawal to bank account limit.

I remember that I used Skrill in Fiverr for withdraw in 2014 :slight_smile: PayPal is also forbidden in Turkey.

As you can see in the image I uploaded above, I have 1000 minimum and I also stated that such conditions shouldn’t be put in place. Everyone should experience the same minimum and maximum withdrawal. Anyone that doesn’t have up to this then shouldn’t be able to withdraw

I think it depends on the bank and/or country
If I want to withdraw to my Dutch bank account (Euros), the minimum is 50 USD.
If I want to withdraw to my Colombian bank account (Colombian Pesos), the minimum is 1000 USD
obviously, I do not use my Colombian bank account with Payoneer for this reason

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You’ll need to take it up with Payoneer - nothing any of us here can do to help I’m afraid! :slightly_smiling_face: